Interaktives analoges gegen die Schwerkraft

An Alle, Auf Jeden, Für Immer & Dich.

DRIP – A Game For Two

DRIP is a game for two. A hypnotic duel unfolding everchanging psychedelic patterns caressing your brain’s natural desire for aesthetics known to life since the dawn of amoebae.

HELIUM III – The Dark Side Of The Moon

HELIUM DREI is a strategic dilemma. In order to conquer the Moon you will need to attack and defend, build and occupy, save and sacrifice, push your luck & plan for the worst. Euphoria follows upon frustration, misery turns to joy, ups beget downs and vice versa. All in all a lunatic endeavour with entropic tendencies.

TRUST – You Never Know

TRUST is simple. Just get rid of as many trust issues as possible and increase your mental health before you or your partners trigger the next breakdown. It’s not the spoon that bends.